Awakenings NYE 2023: A Techno Voyage at the Gashouder

As the curtain fell on 2023, Awakenings transformed Amsterdam’s Gashouder into a haven for techno aficionados with a four-day series of events that solidified its stature as a leader in the global techno scene. The Gashouder, with its expansive dome and industrial charm, has been the pulsating heart of Awakenings since its inception. Here, amidst the echoes of its storied past, Awakenings NYE transformed the space into a futuristic realm where techno and time intertwined.

I had the pleasure of attending the event on the 29th, a night that was a showcase of some of the finest talents in techno. The evening began with Olympe, her music set an enchanting mood, with sounds that seemed to weave through the crowd, setting the tone for the night.

Following Olympe, Agents of Time took the stage. Their performance was a masterclass in melodic techno, with each track crafting a narrative that captivated the audience. Their synergy was palpable, creating a journey that was both dynamic and emotionally resonant.

Then came Colyn, who elevated the energy to new heights. His style, a seamless blend of deep and progressive techno, was both vibrant and uplifting. His set was a whirlwind of euphoric melodies and driving beats that kept the crowd moving, embodying the spirit of exploration and discovery that defines Awakenings’ events.

Âme, known for their soulful approach to electronica, continued the journey with a set that blurred the lines between genres. The music, rich in texture and depth, added a layer of sophistication to the night, captivating the audience with its complexity and emotional depth.

Kölsch took the crowd on an emotive and punchy ride. His tracks, characterised by their heartfelt melodies and rhythmic precision, resonated deeply with the audience, creating moments of collective euphoria.

The night concluded with Kas:st, whose dynamic techno beats were the perfect culmination to an unforgettable evening. Their set was a powerful display of techno’s intensity, with pulsating rhythms and atmospheric sounds that left the crowd mesmerised.

While I only experienced the magic of the 29th, the other three nights, featuring renowned artists like Patrick Mason, Reinier Zonneveld, Indira Paganotto, Anfisa Letyago, Richie Hawtin, and FJAAK, highlighted Awakenings’ commitment to showcasing a diverse range of techno talents. This commitment cements Awakenings’ reputation as a beacon in the techno world, continually pushing the boundaries and bringing together people from all corners of the globe.

The entire structure of the Gashouder, with its expansive embrace, morphed into a space-like arena. In its heart, a mirrored platform descended amidst the crowd, akin to a starship gently landing in an alien world. This otherworldly structure, coupled with the cascading lights and signature fireworks, created an immersive narrative – as if each beat was a step in an interstellar journey, with the audience exploring uncharted territories of sound and light.

Awakenings NYE was not just about the music or the production; it was a culmination of community spirit. It was where people from diverse backgrounds converged, united by their shared passion for techno. This convergence created a space of belonging, where the music transcended mere entertainment and became a medium for connection and celebration.

This event was a fitting end to the year, symbolising not just the conclusion of 2023 but also the dawn of future techno adventures. As the Gashouder’s history merged with the futuristic production, it became evident that Awakenings is not just carrying forward a legacy; it’s constantly redefining it. 

The experience at Gashouder was a reminder of the continuous evolution of techno, promising even more groundbreaking experiences in the coming year. The journey continues with the upcoming Eindhoven shows. On Saturday, 27th of January, techno enthusiasts can look forward to a day and night filled with diverse performances from the likes of Maceo Plex, Marcel Dettmann, Joyhauser, Kobosil and Indira Paganotto taking the stage. 

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Photo source: Awakenings
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