Your digital festival tour guide

As an attendee, we all want everything to go as seamlessly as possible and every component of your festival adventure needs to align so as to not allow one small miscalculation ruin your whole trip. Making sure of this would undoubtedly lead to hours spent researching and planning your festival antics which not everyone has time for. And festivals are not just time consuming but they can be expensive depending on how far you’re travelling, which festival you’re attending, how many are in your group, whether you’re camping or booking hotels… So when your experience is less than satisfactory you can’t help but feel a little let down and disappointed. Festivals can be unpredictable, a lot of time and money can go into planning and attending them but they don’t always live up to being the ‘best times of our lives’ as they should.

My experience as a keen festival goer who has travelled around the globe for music festivals, and my background in event consulting and project management have led me to understanding and valuing the expectation that audiences have when attending a festival. So my mission is and will be to relieve you of all the hard work so you can focus on having fun and making the most of your music festival experience.

I aim to provide you with the most informative content that will give you insider knowledge and share my own personal experience about some of the world’s best festivals. Acting as your ‘digital’ festival tour guide, I’ll be documenting the ins and outs of each festival I attend to give you an idea of the experience that awaits and how to make your entire festival journey a success. Hopefully also inspiring you to venture out of your comfort zone and discovering new music festivals across the world. From the second you leave your home or starting point, to when you return from the festival, I intend to ensure you are living a seamless, brilliant event experience so no one is left feeling disheartened at the end of any festival.