Your Ultimate Packing Guide to Mysteryland

Mysteryland – where to even begin? It’s not just another music festival; it’s an ethereal escape, a vibrant tapestry of cultures, music, and pure, unbridled joy. Nestled amidst the rolling landscapes, this is where time stops, and music takes over. Born in the heart of the Netherlands, Mysteryland has grown, danced, and evolved, capturing hearts across the globe. From pulsating electronic beats to transcendental live acts, every corner of this festival is alive with wonder. And if this is your maiden voyage into its embrace, oh, what an adventure awaits you!

Having immersed myself in this spellbinding realm before, I want to ensure you’re not just ready, but Mysteryland-ready. So, whether you’re planning to dive deep into the camping experience or let the rhythms guide you for a day, I’ve got the low-down on everything you’ll need.

Buckle up, we’re setting sail for the most enchanting musical escapade of your life! 

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For the Day-Trippers

  • Festival Ticket & ID: First and foremost, double-check these. Without them, the magical gates remain closed!
  • Sensible Footwear: Think comfortable, closed-toe trainers or even wellies. Expect lots of dancing and walking, and potentially some muddy terrain, especially if rain’s on the horizon.
  • Festival Hydration Pack: Not only does this let you keep your water handy, but most come with extra pockets for your essentials. Stay hydrated and stylish! Get yours now and use code ‘THENITTYGRITTY’ for $15 off your order (over $129).
  • Powerbank: Mysteryland is filled with moments you’ll want to capture. Don’t let a dead battery stand in your way.
  • Sunscreen: Even on cloudy days, UV rays are sneaky. Protect your skin with a good SPF.
  • Eco-friendly Glitter: Shine bright like a diamond! Remember to opt for the biodegradable versions; our planet will thank you.
  • Ear Plugs: Especially if you have sensitive ears or want to get some rest in quieter zones.
  • Rain Poncho or Waterproofs: These lightweight lifesavers can easily be stuffed into a pocket or bag, ensuring you’re dance-ready, rain or shine.
  • Hand Sanitiser: A small bottle can be a real germ-buster.
  • Festival Map & Timetable: There’s SO MUCH to see. Organise your day, prioritise your acts, and maybe discover something new!

For the Campsite Enthusiasts:

Everything from the Day-Tripper list, plus:

  • Tent: Invest in a good-quality one that’s easy to set up. Remember to check for pegs and poles. A practice run in your garden isn’t a bad idea.
  • Sleeping Bag & Inflatable Pillow: Night temperatures can drop, so get a cosy sleeping bag and a comfortable pillow.
  • Torch or Headlamp: Essential for finding your tent after a night of dancing or making those late-night restroom trips.
  • Camping Chair: Think lightweight but comfortable. It’s perfect for early-morning or late-night chill sessions with your festival family.
  • Stove & Cooking Gear: Planning to whip up some campsite gourmet? Bring a portable stove and utensils. Always adhere to safety guidelines. Need inspiration for your campsite meals? Check out my guide to healthy eating and hydration at music festivals!
  • Drinks: You can bring your own drinks to the campsite, but remember to check the festival’s alcohol limits.
  • Toiletries: Essentials like biodegradable wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, and eco-friendly soap can make all the difference in feeling fresh.
  • Small First Aid Kit: Stock up on basics: plasters, antiseptics, painkillers, and personal meds. You never know when you or a neighbour might need it.
  • Bin Bags: Let’s respect the land that hosts our fun. Keep your spot clean and leave no trace.
  • Toilet Paper: Trust me, having your own stash can be a game-changer!
  • Warm Layers: Pack a cosy hoodie, sweatpants, and socks. Even summer nights can get chilly.
  • Blanket: Perfect for adding an extra layer in your tent or for lounging around your campsite.

There it is, dear festival family! Dive deep into the Mysteryland experience, armed with everything you need. Feel the rhythm, make a friend or ten, and let every moment resonate. If our paths cross, let’s share a dance, a story, or a smile!

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