The Ultimate Men’s Guide to Festival Outfits

Have you ever noticed how discussions around festival fashion tend to lean heavily towards women’s outfits? Well, it’s high time we flipped the script. Men’s festival fashion isn’t a sideline or an afterthought—it’s a full-blown, headlining act!

Festival outfits for men are a playground of creativity, a fantastic opportunity to experiment, express, and embrace your personal style. It’s time to step out from the shadows and into the limelight, to swap those plain tees for something that screams ‘you’. Maybe it’s a splash of neon, a bold graphic, or even a futuristic metallic vest.

But where do you find these game-changing pieces? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I’ve rounded up twelve fantastic brands that are redefining men’s festival fashion. From the daringly vibrant to the subtly stylish, there’s something for every kind of music lover.

So, guys, let’s dive in and discover the world of festival outfits, where fashion meets fun, and style sings in harmony with the beat. It’s time to amp up the volume on your festival look and take centre stage!

1. Elwood Clothing

Elwood Clothing is your go-to brand for a rugged yet relaxed vibe. They specialise in men’s festival clothing, offering everything from tie-dye tees to relaxed joggers. Ideal for those who prefer comfort without sacrificing style. Their outfits will give you the confidence to throw your best moves on the dancefloor and enjoy every moment at the festival.

Photo Source: Elwood Clothing


INTO THE AM celebrates the art of the night, offering a wide range of vibrant and edgy men’s festival clothing. Their graphic tees and all-over print shirts are perfect for those wanting to stand out. Unleash your inner wild raver with INTO THE AM!

Photo Source: Into the AM

3. Jaded London

If you’re looking for festival outfits for men that are daring and unapologetically loud, Jaded London is your brand. It merges streetwear with eclectic aesthetics, offering sequin shirts and holographic jackets. Their collection is a ticket to becoming the showstopper of any music festival.

Photo Source: Jaded London

4. Wasted Heroes

Wasted Heroes adds a unique spin to men’s festival clothing with their music-inspired range. Their bold graphic tees and sweatshirts scream energy and fun. Perfect for those who want their festival outfits to echo their love for the beat.

Photo Source: Wasted Heroes

5. Electro Threads

Electro Threads is all about festival outfits for men that blend comfort with psychedelic prints. Offering vibrant hoodies, joggers, and tees, their collection is perfect for those who want their outfits to be as electrifying as the music.

Photo Source: Electro Threads

6. iEDM

iEDM takes festival fashion to the next level with its range of rave and EDM clothing. From LED shoes to kaleidoscope glasses, their innovative accessories can add a new dimension to your festival outfits.

Photo Source: iEDM

7. Urban Outfitters

When it comes to men’s festival clothing, Urban Outfitters offers a unique blend of vintage and modern styles. You can find everything from classic band tees to trendy bucket hats. Embrace your individuality with Urban Outfitters and let your festival outfits reflect your spirit.

Photo Source: Urban Outfitters


COLLUSION is for those who want to push the boundaries of festival fashion. They offer sustainable, gender-neutral festival outfits that allow you to experiment with your style. With COLLUSION, your outfit becomes a statement of inclusivity and boldness.


Photo Source: COLLUSION - ASOS

9. Stüssy

If you’re after a streetwear-inspired look, Stüssy is your brand. Their festival outfits for men are cool and laid-back, featuring graphic tees, bucket hats, and cargo pants. Stüssy is all about maintaining an effortless edge while vibing with the music.

Photo Source: Stüssy


CRAZEDWEAR redefines men’s festival clothing with its bold prints and edgy designs. Their selection of oversized tees, neon tracksuits, and statement accessories ensures that your festival look is far from ordinary.

Photo Source: CRAZEDWEAR

11. Edgy Jayd

Edgy Jayd is all about expressing yourself through fashion. Their unique approach to men’s festival clothing involves a lot of metallics, holographics, and bold prints. With their futuristic vests and sleek joggers, Edgy Jayd ensures that you’re not just part of the crowd, but the trendsetter.

Photo Source: Edgy Jayd

12. Psicodelico Rave Clothing Co.

If you’re looking to transform your festival outfits into a vibrant work of art, Psicodelico Rave Clothing Co. is your brand. Their psychedelic prints and trippy designs will transport you to another dimension. Their collection, featuring everything from vivid tees to funky shorts, is perfect for those looking to elevate their festival outfits to an entirely new level of creativity.

Photo Source: Psicodelico Rave Clothing Co.

So, there you have it, twelve amazing brands that redefine festival outfits for men. Remember, your style is your statement. Let your festival outfits tell your story, and most importantly, let them amplify your joy of music.

Until we meet at the next festival, stay stylish, stay unique, and stay true to yourself! 

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*Disclaimer: dates and locations for these festivals are subject to change, so make sure you check each festival’s socials or website for the most up-to-date information.

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