How to Pack for Quest Festival

Quest Festival 2019 is upon us, with just over a week to go it’s time to start thinking about what to pack and what could be useful to you on your festival trip. I thought I would share with you guys a condensed version of my packing list. Little things that I hope will guarantee you have a smooth festival experience and will avoid you feeling a lost in the wilderness. This is my Quest Festival packing list! If you’re looking for a more in depth guide on travel, accommodation, insights and more then check out my Guide to Quest Festival.

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1. Don’t get left at the Quest Festival gates!

Silly as this may sound, I’ve been witness to people forgetting to download or print their ticket before a festival many times. Quest Festival is in the middle of nature so mobile networks aren’t always the most reliable. It’s just best to come prepared rather than be the one who is left at the door!

2. Or worse yet, don’t get left at border control!

Your passport and travel documents are as important as your ticket if you’re an international festival traveller! They should be amongst the first things you pack. I should also add that you should check the visa requirements for the passport you hold before you set off as not all countries have the same rights to enter Vietnam. The priority is on making it into Vietnam, getting Quest Festival, showing your ticket and getting into the festival!

3. Money doesn’t grow on trees…

Get enough cash out before you set off for Quest Festival, there are no ATMs hiding in the trees. The organisers do however operate a debit/credit card RFID wristband top-up system where they swipe your card and top-up the equivalent on your wristband to be used for purchases at the festival but the queue can sometimes get quite long. For convenience and to guarantee you have what you need during your stay at Quest I recommend coming with cash in hand.

4. Who said camping isn’t cosy?

You can book camping accommodations when booking your festival tickets. There’s a range of options to cater to different size groups and preferences at Quest Festival. You get a really basic setup (pillow, sleeping mat and blanket) so I definitely suggest bringing a few extra bits to make your stay that much more comfortable like a neck pillow or an extra blanket to layer on top of the sleeping mat. You want to making the most out of the hours of sleep you’ll be getting!

5. Make sure you get your beauty sleep in between rave sessions.

Earplugs and an eye mask are an absolute must if you’re a light sleeper! The campsite is separate to the main site but it can still get quite noisy with other campers roaming around so earplugs are very handy. And an eye mask will do a great job keeping those early rays of sunlight out and from disturbing your sleep!

6. Don’t get lost in the dark!

Last thing you want is to be spending the night in the wrong tent or to be found wandering lost in the dark looking for the toilet in the middle of the night so get yourself a handy torch or headlamp! And if you’re particularly bad at finding your way back to your tent why not bring a flag or scarf to tie around your tent, keep it visible so you can easily find your way back!

7. No one likes a dirty raver…

The queues for the showers can sometimes be quite long and you may be feeling a bit lazy after only a few hours sleep, or maybe your favourite set is about to start and you don’t have time for a full shower experience but that’s not excuse to be slacking on the hygiene! I recommend bringing along talcum powder or dry shampoo to maintain clean hair. And wet wipes to help you feel refreshed and reasonably clean.

8. Keep your camping area and your belongings clean!

Bin or plastic bags are always amongst the first things that I pack before going camping. You can make sure that you dispose of your waste properly as they will prevent you from getting lazy and not wanting to take your rubbish to a real bin. You can also use them to separate your dirty clothing and shoes after a few days of raving from your clean items. Last year it got a bit muddy so I was glad to have a few bags to be able to contain the mud!

9. Don’t miss any of the action!

I never leave home without my powerbank, particularly when I’m packing for a festival. There are charging stations on site but you’ll have to leave your phone or camera on charge for a few hours and you may not want to be around the entire time to keep an eye on it. You’re going to be there for 3 days which means plenty of memories to be made and recorded so go all out on a good one that will keep you going the whole weekend!

10. Get creative and don’t skip out on the (biodegradable) glitter!

Quest Festival is notorious for its costumes and for how incredibly inventive and expressive its festival attendees get every year. People really get into it so don’t be shy and just go for it! There are people walking around on site ready to glam you up instantly so don’t worry too much if you haven’t got time to get yourself a full outfit!

So there you have it, my essential Quest Festival survival kit. I hope this helps you prep for the festival. If you also need some advice on getting there and insight into what to expect check out my Guide to Quest Festival. And one last word of advice, please make sure that you leave with what you arrived with. Please have some consideration for nature and don’t litter the festival or camping grounds. This will ensure that we are able to keep partying there from year to year! See you there!

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