How to Speed Up Your Post-Festival Recovery

Music festivals are incredible until you’re on your way home and the reality of the stress you’ve put on your body starts to sink in. What some festival-goers don’t realise is that if the right recovery measures aren’t taken you could cause permanent damage to your mental and physical health. The come down and side effects of a festival weekend are unavoidable. But there are ways to restore your body’s natural balance and get you back to your normal routine in no time! And you’ll come to find out that your pre-festival preparations are just as significant as your recovery rituals after the event. Read on for my best tips on how to speed up your post-festival recovery and prevent any long-term harm to your mind and body.

1. Water will fast track your post-festival recovery.

Drinking enough water is just as important to do throughout the festival as it is before and after the event. Give your body the hydration it needs to get the reparation process underway and flush out toxins left in your system. Water is also essential to help soothe cramps and muscle tension from dancing and standing in a crowd for long hours.

2. Stretch out and massage your muscles.

Stretching is essential to relieving tight muscles caused by continuous time under tension from dancing for long hours and will help get them back to their normal state faster. Try using a foam roller on your muscles, this will enable inflammation spots to diffuse faster.

If you want to speed up your post-festival recovery, think about stretching whilst you’re still at the festival. I like to give my feet and legs a little massage first thing in the morning when I wake up from a long night of dancing. A lot festivals offer free yoga sessions, meditations, massage and other activities. If you can find it in you to wake up and participate in those activities, you’ll find that it’s a great way to rest after a night of partying.

3. You deserve to hit that snooze button.

Treat the music festival like a marathon, you wouldn’t jump straight back into your normal workout routine after a race would you? Try to rest as much as possible and avoid exercise after the music festival, to further relieve tension in your legs and feet. Sleep is also indispensable for your post-festival recovery routine. Your body processes toxins and releases hormones to repair itself during sleep, so make sure you get at least 9 hours of shut-eye for a few nights after you return from the festival.

4. Replenish your body’s natural balance with supplements.

Some supplements have a positive effect on boosting your body’s repair process. It’s crucial that after exerting yourself for long periods of time that you give your body the love they deserve. Raveraide contains clinically dosed amounts of electrolytes, vitamins, and trace minerals to give you quality hydration and replenishment. Their hydration sticks can be used before, during, and after festivals to help your body help recover as efficiently as possible.

5. Eat the right foods to restore your brain chemicals.

It takes a few days for your brain to start producing serotonin at its normal levels after a festival. Studies have shown that eating the right foods can help this process along and increase the production of serotonin. These include salmon, chicken, eggs, green peas, dark chocolate, pineapple and more! Do some research and find foods that you enjoy and will bring you comfort after the festival. You could try incorporating a few of these foods into your diet the week after you get home to speed up your post-festival recovery.

6. Go out and get some sunlight.

Sunlight is one of the best and easiest ways to replenish your brain’s chemicals and get those post-festival blues under control. Sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of serotonin and promote good mental health. In other words, the more sunshine you get, the better your moods will be!

7. Pamper and treat yourself.

Give yourself some proper TLC after a festival. Think long bubble bath or shower, candles, anti-stress oils, Netflix, your favourite takeaway… Anything you need to feel pampered and happy. Having a few post-festival self-care rituals can work wonders to uplift your mood and relax your body.

8. If you have an existing injury take extra precautions.

If you’re recovering from an old injury or have a pre-existing physical issue, always spend a bit of time preparing how you’re going to manage this beforehand. This could mean seeing a physiotherapist/doctor so they can give advice on how to prepare for a possible flare-up or what kind of compression to wear to support your injury. Taking preventative measures will help get your post-festival recovery started in advance.

9. Never ignore injuries or pains that don’t subside.

Most pains/aches/strains will start to feel better within a few days of returning home after a music festival. And usually will make a full recovery within 4 weeks with the right care and rest. If more than a week has lapsed since the festival and experiencing pain, go see a doctor.

10. Take some time off after the music festival.

Not recuperating correctly can cause long-lasting damage to your mind and body. If you can, it wouldn’t hurt to take a couple of days off after the event. This way you won’t need to rush home to be on time for work the first day after the festival. If you’re staying at a hotel don’t forget to ask for a late check-out. And whatever you do, never book an early flight after a festival. Because if you’re really tired you might sleep through your alarm and miss your flight, so always leave a margin for error after a long festival weekend.

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(*) Disclaimer: I am not a certified dietician or nutritionist. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers before making any changes to your diet.
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