Guide to (ADE) Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event (otherwise known as ADE) is the world’s largest electronic dance music festival and networking platform. It is held annually in Amsterdam for five days in mid-October.

Each year the city completely transforms itself, all anyone can talk about is ADE and the myriad of artists, performers as well as music and entertainment industry professionals the event attracts.

Thousands of people from all over the globe make their way to the Dutch capital to talk, learn about and dance to the world’s best electronic sounds. Because the scope of this event is so broad and there are so many different elements that form it, ADE may feel a little overwhelming to first-timers.

Based on my experience at ADE 2017 – 2019, here is The Nitty Gritty Guide to Amsterdam Dance Event.

When did I attend? October 2017, 2018 and 2019

When is the next ADE? 18th – 22nd October 2023

What do you hear at ADE? All kinds: techno, house, EDM, trance…

Where? All over Amsterdam!

What’s the local currency? Euros

What’s the local language? Dutch

  • In 2017, ADE attracted over 395,000 people (which is almost half of Amsterdam’s population!) from 90 countries. The city’s venues opened their doors to over 2,500 artists and performers.
  • ADE is split into a day and a night programme. Whilst the day programme focuses on the conferences, expositions and workshops, the night programme is when Amsterdam turns into a city-wide dance music party (though a few events run in the day also, it’s not exclusive to the later hours of the night).
  • ADE isn’t only focused on electronic music’s main genres but also has a strong underground and progressive scene, paving the way for music discovery and inspiration.
  • The ADE day programme is a chance for aspiring artists, producers, event promoters, investors and more to meet under one roof to discuss, inspire and develop the future of music events and electronic music.


Before you buy any tickets or dive into ADE’s intricate programme it’s advisable that you sign up to become an ADE Member to access ‘My ADE’. Here you’ll be able to add personal information which will automatically sync to your ticket purchases so you won’t have to keep typing everything up upon each purchase.

You can also link your social accounts, including Spotify. This is particularly useful as the ‘My ADE’ feature will match with any artists you follow on Spotify and notify you if they are announced to perform at one of ADE’s events. Facebook will also enable you to stay up to date on event and artist announcements. So it’s definitely worth registering to make sure you don’t miss any of the action!

ADE has two parts to it: ADE Conference and ADE Festival. They occur simultaneously over the course of the week that ADE is hosted on. It is possible to attend both but keep in mind you will need to be over the age restriction imposed on events for ADE Festival.


The conference highlights all kinds of talks, workshops and activities during the daytime. The programme is very broad and is a chance for electronic music enthusiasts and industry specialists to exchange knowledge and broaden business opportunities. It’s open to anyone who wants to discover new limits to the music industry and understand more about the field of electronic music. Who knows, this experience may spawn some lucrative ideas to start new ventures and contribute to the expansion and development of the music and entertainment industries. 


The Festival is split into two sections, you’ve got ADE Festival by Day that highlights all kinds of exhibitions, films, DJ showcases and masterclasses, and more… Then when night falls comes ADE Festival, this is when the fun really kicks off and when the city comes to life with all its music events.

The key to booking your tickets to events for ADE Festival is to keep checking back on the programme page. You can filter by day and/or genre. From the moment the dates are announced to a few weeks before the event this page will keep being updated with all the latest announcements on who is playing, when and where. Connecting your Facebook and Spotify (as mentioned above) to your ‘My ADE’ account will ensure you get notifications and alerts when the artists, labels and/or venues that you’re following announce their event dates.

If the programme becomes a little overwhelming for you (it does get really crowded in there) then you can also search for events by artist name or venues. If you already know who you would like to see or you have a preference for which venue you would like to check out then save yourself some time and filter through those pages only rather than the entire programme.

This information applies to people buying single festival/event tickets. Please note that some of the daytime activities are free but may require pre-registration. And as always I would be quick to purchase your tickets, many events don’t have a pre-sale but go straight into general admission and sell out very rapidly!

If you’re looking for a ticket bundle to include both ADE Conference and ADE Festival please see below.

If your plans have changed or you missed your chance to buy tickets to an event you wanted to attend then I would suggest keeping an eye on Ticketswap. You can buy and sell second-hand tickets to events (not just for ADE so bookmark it for future use!), they keep things fair by not allowing vendors to inflate the face value of the tickets they’re selling!


  • The ADE Pass includes all 5 Days and Nights. This will give you access to the complete programme, for both the ADE Conference and ADE Festival.
  • The ADE Conference Pass is a 4 Day pass that gives you access to the entire Day programme.

Both of these passes give you access to the ADE online database so you can arrange meetings and are able to contact other people attending.

  • The ADE Pack combines the ADE Pass with a hotel package. This avoids you needing to look for accommodation as you book both your ticket and hotel in one go! There are several options to cater to different budgets and different arrival/departure dates.

You can find more information on their website, via this page.

  • The ADE Card gives you some great discounts and gets you exclusive entry into several ADE Festival by Day events (doesn’t include ADE Festival night programme). This pass is particularly good if you’d like to experience the Festival rather than the Conference.

Find information and conditions for ticket purchases HERE.


Each year thousands of people come to ADE from overseas, if you’re one of them then you’ll want to take a look at my Guide to Travelling to Amsterdam. There you’ll find information on how to reach Amsterdam by plane, train, coach, car and ferry.


ADE is spread all over Amsterdam and uses most of the city’s venues and nightlife spots. Because there aren’t enough words in the English language to get me through all 140+ venues, here is a guide to getting around Amsterdam. Focusing on what public transport is available to you and how to use it. I’ve also included some insight into how Amsterdam as a city functions and things you need to know about the city.

You can find a full list of the city’s venues and a map right HERE.


To figure out how to get to whichever venue the event you’re attending is at I suggest using this 9292 journey planner. It might suggest taking the train, the metro, the bus, the tram or even a ferry depending on which corner of the city you’re coming from and depending on what time of night or morning it is!

Bear in mind that the public transport system is completely cashless. You’ll only be able to purchase tickets using a credit or debit card. 

Locals use an OV-Chipkaart (their public transportation chip card) to check in and out of public transport terminals. It is possible to obtain one as a visitor but you’ll have to pay for the card and is only useful if you’re travelling further afield beyond Amsterdam each day.

Otherwise, the most convenient ticket is the disposable one hour card or day card, these range from one hour to seven days. You can buy them at bus, tram and boat stops, and train stations. Word of advice, if you do opt for the chip card always make sure you check-out from transport terminals correctly or it’ll charge you with an increased fare next time you check-in with the card.

If you’re thinking of going out of the city or doing some sightseeing in between conferences or parties then you might want to consider buying one of the city passes or discount cards which include deals on the city’s top attractions and sights further afield. The I Amsterdam City Card is particularly good value for money!


Taxis become extremely convenient when you’ve been partying all night long and you can’t be bothered finding your way back via public transport.

It is advisable to only use licensed taxi services which are found at taxi ranks located around the city or hail a ride on Uber. You can recognise an official taxi service by its blue licence plates and the lights on top of the car’s roof. You can find a list of official taxi operators and more information on what to expect from taxi services in Amsterdam HERE.

The cost of the journey varies depending on your destination, you can use this calculator to estimate your fare.

Uber, an on-demand taxi hailing mobile application, is also a popular choice as it’s a slightly cheaper option and it gives you more control over when you get a taxi. This option is particularly helpful when you can’t hail a taxi on the street or you’re not close to any of the city’s taxi ranks.


The Dutch are known for being avid bikers, they learn to ride a bike before they can walk. So it’s no surprise that bikes have become one of the main pillars of their national identity. Bikes are a significant aspect of life in Amsterdam and they can become hazardous to people who aren’t used to being around them. Here’s a couple things you need to know about bicycles and biking in the city.

Firstly, whenever you’re crossing the road you absolutely have to make sure that you look both ways! Watch out for the bike lanes particularly at night, the last thing you want is to end up in hospital and miss out on all the fun! Also keep in mind that some people drive their scooters and mopeds in the bike lanes so be really mindful of where you’re walking and be safe!

Secondly, cycling is without a doubt the simplest and most convenient way to get around. The city caters predominantly to bicycles. It’s a bit more work cycling around but it’s a lot of fun and you get to take in the city like a local. It’s also completely inexpensive and you get to hop and off wherever and whenever you want. My recommendation though is only use bicycles during the day if you want to visit the city or attend day time conference events, you don’t want to get caught up in any kind of accident on your way back from any night events! Reserve cycling for your most sober and conscious-minded moments!

Before you ride anywhere you should read these safety guidelines including how to keep your bike safe and the rules of the road!

Also note that a new fine is being enforced, if you’re caught using your phone whilst riding a bike (even if just for Google Maps!) you face having to pay a €95 fine!

And if you need to rent a bike during your stay you should think about contacting shops before your arrival as there will be a lot of people around for ADE, don’t miss your chance to grab a bike!


As I mentioned above the city is primarily bike friendly. Because the city centre has all its canals the streets are quite narrow so city officials try to keep cars out of the city which means that there aren’t many parking spots available. If you’re driving you’re likely going to need to park your car on the outskirts of the city at one of the Park & Ride locations and then use public transport to get into town. Check the locations HERE.

Don’t wait too long to book accommodation! It’s best to book as soon as they release the dates and not wait until a few weeks before the event kicks off as you’ll end up with slim pickings and usually just the most expensive options will be left. So get to it as soon as possible! Obviously, the centre is the best location as you’ll be within walking distance from most venues but this will come with a heavy price tag. If you’ve got a restricted budget then look for places in Amsterdam Nieuw-west, it’s an affordable area and it’s got great transportation links!

My go-to is, most of their hotels offer free cancellation and/or modification policy which I find very convenient.

But if you’re coming as a group then I’d recommend checking Airbnb. It’ll be more fun staying under the same roof and it’ll probably work out if cheaper as you can usually snag some good deals on there!

ADE also offers package deals as an accommodation solution to festival-goers. This option is particularly good if you’re unsure about which area to stay in or if it’s your first time in Amsterdam and need some guidance.

ADE unites both the music and entertainment industry professionals so one of its principal aims is to impress, inspire and educate. ADE acts as an exchange of information and this extends to the production and organisation of the entire event. This basically means that you can expect to witness some of the world’s best display of event conceptualisation and management.

The Dutch have been in the business of organising events for longer than anyone else. They host some of the world’s greatest and most well known festivals and have an impeccable global reputation for event management and production.

ADE makes sense when you look at the country’s weight and influence over the years in the events industry. It belongs in Amsterdam, in the heart of the country where the world’s global dance music scene began. And it absolutely does the country’s reputation justice as it’s a seamless operation.

This is beneficial for both attendees and industry experts as you get to appreciate and experience music the way you should be able to.

This event holds so many elements together and so many things could potentially go wrong but looking back on all my experiences there were no noticeable glitches. Perhaps it was another story behind the scenes but from the attendee’s perspective, everything was pretty phenomenal.

Moving from one place to another, jumping from one event to another, everything is made accessible and simple, it is a pleasure to attend.

ADE has the world’s most extensive day and night programme of music and highlights the broadest spectrum of electronic music. Because of the vast range of genres, it’s a fantastic occasion to discover new music and new artists. And because the majority of the tickets are actually quite inexpensive you can afford to jump from one place to the next and try new things. One of the parts of this experience that I appreciate the most is being able to listen to new artists and expand my music knowledge.

What’s really great about ADE is it’s a chance to see artists who may not have passed through your home town or country. It’s also an opportunity to see many of the artists perform in their native country, and they always receive such a warm welcome from the crowd, it’s something that’s truly unforgettable.

Read up on my experience at Audio Obscura and Awakenings at ADE 2019, not to be missed if you’re thinking of going to this festival!

Because of the grandeur of the event it may seem a little intimidating, particularly to newcomers. But I’m here to tell you that you’ve got nothing to worry about and that you’ll absolutely have the best time.

Everything is extremely well organised and is well signposted throughout the city so you shouldn’t ever be worried about getting around Amsterdam and getting to where you need to be. Not only because the deployment of this festival is pretty impeccable but also because at any point in time you could stop and ask someone on the street for directions.

The Netherlands is probably one of the most welcoming countries in the world. Everyone is extremely friendly and you are really made to feel like you’re home.

This is both useful and fun because this means that you’ll also enjoy every single one of your ADE adventures. We met so many people out and about, many of whom we still stay in touch with and have even met up with for other parties in other countries.

Everyone is so excited to be roaming the city and to be going to all the music events, the city feels like it’s bursting with energy and joyfulness.

It’s an exceptional atmosphere, so much so that I’m going again this year, I had one of the best weeks of my life at ADE. It’s a safe and friendly environment complimented by great food, incredible people and a remarkable music selection. What’s not to love about all that?

And this also applies beyond the parties to the conference. Whether you’re a complete newbie or an experienced industry professional ADE has something to offer everyone and no one should ever feel doubtful or shy about going. Everyone is very open-minded and in the business of knowing that we can all learn from one another. This isn’t surprising when even the organisers of ADE are open to suggestions and will listen to their attendees’ opinions and requests. There’s only so much I can say, I think you get the picture: absolutely loved it!

Amsterdam is a great place to satisfy your inner foodie needs, particularly when it rears its hangry head when you’re on your way home after a night of partying or when you’re hungover. The Dutch are known for their incredible snacks, namely Bitterballen, Kroketten and Frikandel. They’re absolutely incredible and the best part of all is that they’re available all hours of the day from vending machines. Check out FEBO, they’ve got a few locations around the city. Check out these snack guides by Expats Haarlem and I Am Expat to get your mouth salivating and to know what to be on the lookout for. 


Amsterdam boasts an enormous amount of eateries, you can eat anything from any corner of the world, and there is so much food to explore! Food isn’t my area of expertise so to make sure you make the most of what the city has to offer I’m recommending one of my favourite online guides: Cravings in Amsterdam.

Because of the nature of the event, I thought I would take a city-wide approach to what there is to do outside of the festival. There’s a lot to see and do in Amsterdam, the city boasts a number of interesting tourist attractions. From art galleries to beer factories, canal tours to historical exhibits, there’s something for everyone.

Check out Netherlands Tourism and I Amsterdam for ideas.

But if you’ve been to Amsterdam before and feel you’ve overdone the city as a tourist then you’ll want to keep an eye on ADE Festival by Day. ADE welcomes (as mentioned above in ‘Tickets’) an extensive program of daytime activities to keep everyone occupied and engage with music professionals. It’s worth having a look through to see if anything tickles your fancy.

No matter what you choose you’ll be sure to be entertained in some way or another, there’s never a dull moment at ADE.

Amsterdam is an expensive excursion, without even factoring in ADE. So in an effort to reduce costs here are some tips to be cost-efficient during ADE

  • Book your flights and accommodation early! Dates are usually announced at the beginning of each year so as soon as you know when ADE is being hosted book everything!
  • Plough through your list of friends and connections to see if you’ve got anyone who could accommodate you during ADE. This includes friends of friends, friends of distant cousins even, there is no shame, it’s ADE and saving money on accommodation is a huge plus!
  • Purchase travel cards to get the best deals on public transport and some of the city’s tourist attractions.
  • Rent a bike rather than spend money on taxis or public transport!
  • An ADE pass is a good investment if you’re wanting to attend several of the programme’s events and activities rather than book individual tickets.
  • Pay close attention to the programme page to make sure you get tickets as soon as they’re released and get them at pre-sale prices!
  • No need to eat out every day, there are plenty of ways to eat on the cheap! Eat supermarket food, Dutch snack foods, or visit a local market!

Lockers: most venues have lockers which you rent for a small fee. Because ADE takes place in October it can get pretty cold in the evenings so you’ll want to carry extra layers and then put them in a locker upon arrival at the event venue. And the lockers are usually pretty spacious so check if you can share with your group before renting too many!

Toilets: never pee in public, you can get arrested for it! There are toilets on the city’s main squares, at train stations and in all the venues.

Wheelchair Access: I recommend either contacting the organiser for the event you’re attending via their Facebook Page to get more information or contact the venue directly.

Always bring ID and have a copy of your ticket saved on your phone! You don’t want to be the one left outside in the cold!

Ear Plugs: you’ll need to keep your ears protected! Long or repeated exposure to loud sounds can cause long-term damage to your eardrums, don’t risk ruining your hearing, think of all the festivals you have yet to explore!

Don’t let yourself get dehydrated: tap water is free in Europe and most places will let you drink it upon request even if you’re not purchasing anything else.

Party safe! ADE provides a comprehensive guide to advice and recommendations on how to party responsibly. It’s worth a read, it gives you really useful information on emergency services and what to do in the case of someone needing assistance. If there’s one thing we noticed is how safe it is for you to approach medical services if you’re feeling unwell due to partying. Don’t be shy, get the help you need, you don’t need to worry about getting into trouble.

Keep warm! ADE is hosted in October so layer up as you’ll be queuing outside and travelling across the city late in the evenings/early in the mornings when temperatures drop. I’d forgotten how cold it gets during that time, all those years of growing up in Europe went straight out the window when I moved to Asia! The good thing is because all the venues have lockers you can just throw everything into there and get into your party gear!

Amsterdam is predominantly cashless: Public transport is completely cashless now and some venues won’t accept cash either so make sure you have a credit/debit card on you!

Zero tolerance policy on narcotics: this goes without saying but they have pretty thorough searches at the entrance of every event. If you’re found with anything you will get kicked out and the police may even get involved.

Check venues’ policies on taking photos inside: it’s been really interesting to see how differently promoters and events take to social media across different continents. Particularly what they think of taking photos and videos during events across Europe and Asia. In Asia documenting your evenings is a pre-requisite but for those of us who are used to that, we need to take it down a few notches for ADE as some venues don’t allow it. Live in the moment, respect everyone’s privacy and put your phones away!

Bouncers are the real deal at ADE: make sure you behave and don’t act disorderly in the queue, you may be refused entry even if you already have a ticket!

Amsterdam Dance Event is one of a kind and should be made a priority on your festival bucket list. I’ve never been to anything quite like this event and I can’t wait for ADE 2018! I hope this guide gives you a good insight into ADE, what you can expect and how to plan your trip. If I’ve left anything out please leave a comment below! Make sure you check out Amsterdam Dance Event’s official Facebook page for all the latest announcements!

Looking for more festivals to explore? Find your next adventure now!
Share this post with your festival crew so you can plan your ADE adventure together!
Photo source: Amsterdam Dance Event
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  • F*ckin’ awesome things here. I’m very glad to look at your post. Thank you so much and i’m looking forward to getting in touch with you. Will you please drop me a mail?

  • Charlotte, thanks for the golden info. Post is very detailed. I will trip from Argentina. See u there!

    • Thank you Pedro! Hope this guide helps you plan your travels, let us know if you suggest anything, we’d love to hear from you! Have a great time at ADE! See you there!

  • Hi Charlotte,

    I have a question about the ADE Pass. My friend and I bought them and are very excited to roll into as many events as we can. What is the process? Because we have the ADE Pass, can we just show up (early/on-time) to the event and enter? Or do we have to sign up somehow so the venue can best determine capacity?

    • Hi Elena! Thank you for your question 🙂 The best thing to do is arrive early because each event will have a limited capacity for the ADE pass. Each event determines its own capacity beforehand and will allocate a certain amount of that capacity to ADE Pass ticketholders so once that limit is reached they don’t take anymore ADE pass event-goers. Usually that limit is quite large but I would get there early to be sure you get in! Is this your first ADE? 😀

      • Charlotte,

        Perfect. That’s how I assumed it works, but wanted to be sure. Yes! I have a friend from Brazil and we love electronic music, so we are meeting in Amsterdam to experience ADE for the first time. We are super excited!

        • That sounds amazing! No better way to reunite than at an epic festival like ADE! Maybe catch you there! What other festivals have you been to this year? 😀

          • Hi!
            Sorry, I forgot to check your page and realized you probably responded!
            I’ve been mostly seeing single artist events this year.
            Last weekend I saw Kaskade and Armin Van Buuren together, which was ?.

            Another question about ADE, how early should one go to ensure they get in with a wristband? My friend and I would hate to show up just before doors, get in a huge line, and be turned around because the venue hit capacity. What was your experience? Are you going this year?


          • Hi Elena! That sounds awesome, they are both legends, would love to see them at a single artist event, always a much more intimate atmosphere! ?
            It really depends on the event, I would aim to be there as early as you can just to be sure you get in. I’ve known people to start queuing a couple of hours before the start of the more popular events. Each event has its own quota so it’s quite hard to say which event does what. If you want more reassurance I suggest emailing the promoters and asking them what it’s been like in previous years, I’m sure they’d be happy to help too!
            Yes I’ll be going this year, very excited! What events are you looking at going to? ?

          • Ho Charlotte,
            There was no ‘Reply’ button after your last message, so I am replying here.
            That sounds like a plan. I’ll probably throw some emails to them once my friend and I lock down what we are seeing exactly.
            For SURE Oliver Helden’s party on Wed. He’s my homie and his music makes me so happy when I dance. We will also probably go to AMF on Saturday, so we can see the big names. Other than that, I really want to see Tchami and Malaa, but there is also Mr. Garrix on the same night. EDX, Rufus du Sol, and the Heldeep Records Party are on my list. Again, still figuring it out. You? Feel free to just email me instead of having a full-on conversation here. Haha

  • Hi, i came here for the site map. One of your headlines is Stages & Site Map, but there is no site map. Can’t seem to find it, thanks.

    • Hi Joris! ADE is a city-wide festival so the site map is essentially the whole of Amsterdam! There are events happening all over the city, for a full list of the venues at this year’s ADE please go here.
      Note that this list will keep being updated until the start of ADE. Very dynamic festival!

    • Hi Maui!
      Thank you for your message! 🙂
      You can find last-minute tickets on Ticketswap, you can also sell tickets if you change your mind about an event. Really easy to use and they don’t let people mark up the price on the ticket so you buy them for face value! Hope this helps! See you there!

    • Hi Delmar! Thank you for the kind words, always nice to hear feedback, keeps us motivated to keep writing more festival guides! So this is your first time going to ADE I assume, where are you flying from? ?

        • Hey Delmar! Hope you are safe and well during this pandemic. Fingers crossed ADE will still be going ahead this year, hope to catch up with you there! ?

  • Hello Charlotte,
    Please, do u know if some of the night events already sold outs usually sell additional tickets in the entrance of the venue?
    There is a lot of djs I want to see, but are sold out.

    • Hi Tania! Thank you for getting in touch! I would say that tickets on the door are a rarity, I never bank on this ever happening, event organisers prefer to know their numbers before the event starts. If you’re looking for tickets I suggest you look at Ticketswap, you can find second-hand tickets for face value, the site doesn’t allow people to profit from selling their ticket which is great! I hope this helps! What events did you want to go to? 🙂

  • Hi Charlotte! I’m from Argentina and next year will be my first ADE. I would like to go to an Audio Obscura event at The Loft, but people told me it was very difficult to get a ticket because they sold out in seconds. If I get an ADE pass and I arrive a few hours earlier, do you know if it’s easier to get in? Thank you!

    • Hi Nadia! We love that you’re already getting prepared, you’ve got us excited for ADE 2020! It’s definitely one of the most difficult events to get into because so many want to attend but it’s not impossible! I always suggest arriving a few hours earlier and waiting outside but this doesn’t always guarantee entry, it will depend on how many other people show up and wait outside that day. They normally have a select number of ADE pass entries, so waiting outside is definitely your best bet and worth giving it a go. Worst case there’s always some other parties happening at the same time that you can slip into ?

      • I’m very anxious, as you can tell! Thank you for your answer and for this amazing guide, ADE is a hole new thing for me. Have you ever bought an ADE pass? What’s your opinion about it? I’m trying to figure out is it’s worth the price. Again, thank you so much!

        • Oh that’s awesome! You’re going to have the best time let me tell you, it’s an epic event! I’ve bought the ADE pass before and I definitely think it’s worth it because you’ll have access to a whole range of events rather than just buy single tickets to a handful of events. It’s more cost-efficient and it gives you some freedom to change your plans or try other events. You can also attend talks at the conference part of ADE. However, if you’re not interested in those and there are events that you are absolutely certain you would rather be sure to get into then I would suggest getting individual event tickets ?

          • I’m sure I am! I understand, I’ll get an ADE pass then. Just one more question and won’t bother you anymore: do you know if it’s hard to get into events like Awakenings at the Gashouder with the ADE pass? I asume it isn’t, but just to be sure. Thank you so much!

          • No trouble at all, happy to help, that’s what I’m here for! 🙂 I’d say there are better chances of getting in because the events held at Gashouder are bigger than the Loft parties. Just arrive ahead of time to guarantee you’ll get in. And I recommend checking whether some parties are hosted in waves, sometimes they have several gate opening times for one event, the 24-hour ones for example, which will mean some people will leave and others will arrive which allows more flexibility to get in.

  • What a great guide Charlotte <3 I’m from Brazil. This year will be my first at ADE and the Netherlands, which I’ve been dreaming to visit since I was 11 years old ( I’m 33 now :O ). I’ll go alone and I’m sure it will be a life changing trip! Can’t wait!

    • Thank you so much Isa ?! How exciting, you’re going to have such an incredible time! What other music festivals have you been to? Let me know if you have any questions, happy to help out!

      • I just bought my ADE Pass! Sooo excited! About others festivals, I only went here in Brazil, DGTL and Time Warp…both were so great! I’ve been struggling to find good places to stay, specially during ADE. But before (or after) ADE I have plans to visit other cities like Utrecht and Rotterdam =D Do you have an e-mail address? Thank you!

        • Yaaaayyy! That’s amazing news, very excited for you! ? Yeah things get booked up as soon as the last edition is over, I usually start looking right after it’s done, you can kind of guess what dates it’ll be on based on previous editions. The transport system is really good so don’t worry if you only find places a little on the outskirts 🙂 Utrecht and Rotterdam are both great cities too! Epic travel plans so far Isabella!
          Ohhh I’ve heard of Time Warp, haven’t been yet, really want to go! DGTL is solid wherever they go, their events are amazing ?

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