Festival Tips and Shenanigans with Yves V

Yves V has been taking the global dance music scene by storm over the last few years. His music as well as his incredible personality and enthusiasm have graced the stages of some of the world’s biggest and most reputable festivals, including TomorrowlandSensationAmsterdam Dance EventMysteryland and more. He’s travelled extensively across the continents to hundreds of festivals not only as an artist, but also as a festival goer. Today he shares with us his invaluable tips and secrets on music festivals drawn from his own personal shenanigans…

What was the wildest festival you have ever been to (as an attendee not as an artist)? Why does it strike as such a long-lasting memory?

“Although I am a resident, I do have time off over the two weekends to explore the madness of Tomorrowland – it really is the wildest! Everything from the insane productions to the debauchery that goes down at DreamVille, I’ve seen it grow from humble beginnings to what it is now, so that is probably why it is such a long-lasting memory.”

What was the craziest and/or funniest story you have at a festival with your friends and/or family?

“A few years ago I played at XXXperience Festival in Brazil from 10am till 12am, I had a show the same night in a different city so I came direct from the airport not knowing what to expect (Could you imagine how tired I was after that?!). Luckily, the main stage was still full of energy and the response was completely unreal, knowing that the festival started the day before, it helped pull me through!”

What are your top 5 festival survival tips?

  • ” – Take comfortable shoes
  •   – Drink enough water
  •   – Don’t forget to wear sunscreen
  •   – Fancy dress is a must
  •   – Most importantly – have fun!”

What is the most niche/lesser-known festival you have ever been to? Would you recommend it?

“Waterzonic happens across Asia and I actually played the Myanmar edition a few weekends ago! It merges water in the production and style of the sets that goes along with the melodies and rhythms. With the electronic sound still really exploding over there, it is an exciting event to play.”

Of all the festivals you’ve attended or played at, which one would you recommend going to and why?

“Again, Tomorrowland! There really is a reason why it is the best: the production is unparalleled, the artists – and diversity of genres- is second to none and most importantly, the attendees are sensational, full of positivity and love for each other. When you witness all of these components come together, which many festivals can easily get wrong or bypass, it really is special.”

What is your favourite part of a festival? What do you look forward to the most when going to one?

“The music, of course! I make big-room EDM but I love techno, hardstyle, classic house. The music is what brings people together!”

Is there something you never get used to about playing at a festival?

“Yes, the audiences! They differ so much from playing headline club shows where the setting is more intimate, festivals – even the small ones – brings new faces and someone that has never heard my music before.”

What has been your best festival moment as an artist?

“I think the last year of Tomorrowland Brazil, I remember it so clearly and the huge fireworks that went off during my set really ignited the vibe as well as the sky! A moment, and a crowd, I’ll never forget.”

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